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About Us

This is one of very, very few photos where we can actually get all the dogs to look at the camera.  And us looking decent as well!

This is one of very, very few photos where we can actually get all the dogs to look at the camera. And us looking decent as well!


Hey hey hey!

So… I have created this blog because Tom and I are true foodies to the core. We love food – buying, preparing, and making epic food creations. We are by no means, professional chefs. However, it is safe to say that one of the many reasons why we have connected, and enjoy life with each other, is food! We love to create dishes that are not only healthy, but resistible as well.
A little on the personal side, we have health restrictions. I, Erica, am diabetic and lactose intolerant. I have attended many nutrition, carbohydrate counting, and diabetic-specific classes. I chose to use many healthy ingredients to use towards the dishes I love. I don’t believe in starvation, prohibiting or preventing the consumption of foods you truly love. There is always a way, and of course, in moderation. Tom, has Ulcerative Colitis. Not something the average 30-something-year-old has but it is something he has had to dealt with for the past two years. He has had to customize his diet based on his needs, and what his body can literally digest and not digest. The combination of our health ‘issues’ have really geared us towards a more lifestyle overall. This has been nothing but a blessing in disguise.
For Tom’s birthday, I bought a Traeger Barbeque and Smoker. I know he’s been wanting this since we came across it at Costco a couple months ago. Being that our home-cooked meals are not just your average meals, we knew this would be a winner in our household. With the suggestion of our dear friends Amelia and Eric, we decided to blog about our food adventures.
On an incredible side note, we do have three dogs. An 85-pound boxer, and two miniature Australian Shepherds. They are our children for the time being and we can most certainly say they love (the smell of) our cooking as much as we do!
Many posts to follow… specifically from our Traeger smoking/ BBQ-ing adventures plus our diet accommodations and changes that we have made part of our lifestyle change. Welcome to our home. 🙂


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank you for following my blog .You blog is very pretty:). I would love to walk where their is lavender. It would smell nice too;)


  2. Thank you! We appreciate your support! The flowers in the background are actually flowers from one of our oregano plants that grew wild! We had so much we didn’t know what to do with it! It did smell wonderful though. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh herbs 🙂


  3. Hi! You have been awarded the Liebster Award! Thank you for being such a great blog!


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