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Refreshing Happy Hour Lemonade Beverage

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Refreshing Happy Hour Lemonde Beverage

A fun spin on lemonade! I am not a huge fan of sweet beverages in general due to the Diabetes factor in my life. I generally enjoy tart drinks, and lemonade is one of them! In this recipe you can always add more lemon juice, or honey if you so desire. Instead of soda water and honey, you can add sprite for the same combo. Make it your own!

1-2oz Vodka of choice. (Dependent on the size of your glass, and how strong you like your drinks)
2T Freshly squeezed lemon juice
1t Honey or sweetener of choice.
Watermelon – cubed
Soda Water (Look at the nutrition label – go for 0g Sodium. Club Soda is usually a safe bet!)
Mint Leaves

1. Add 1oz Vodka of choice.
2. Add Lemon Juice & stir.
3. Add Honey & stir gently until honey is dispersed.
4. Fill glass with soda water.
5. Top with as many watermelon cubes as desired.
6. Garnish, or even mix in mint leaves if you like. (Forgot to add them here – Oops!)
7. Let sit for a few minutes to let all flavors combine. Or, stir it up!
8. Sip, and enjoy.


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