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Adventures in Motherhood: Part 7 – Welcome to Toddlerhood

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I think this is just going to be an ongoing list for the rest of my life… ha!

91. It’s truly incredible to watch your little one transform from a baby to his or her own little person. They learn so quickly, their sounds evolve and change, they understand so much more than you even know, and they become soooooo agile sooooooo fast – especially my guy!! 😬

92. Let’s talk about becoming more agile. I mean seriously. I have a climber thanks to my husband and we have rightfully nicknamed Gav, “monkey”. He’s climbing everything. He knows to use things as a step stool to get to higher places. And I’m constantly trying to figure out where the heck I’m going to keep putting things!!

93.  Boy energy is real. So real. Sometimes I wonder if I could bottle that energy up somehow…

94.  They become opinionated SO fast! Where did this come from?!

95.  Ugh. The wishing for my old body back. I wish for this on a multiple-times-a-day basis. The gym has terrible kids club hours, I eat the most random whatever-I-can-stuff-in-my-mouth foods. Which aren’t great. Why can’t my child like the stroller so I could at least go for a run?! Seriously why.

96.  I’m still nursing. I never thought I’d still be nursing now. But it’s so much more difficult than i thought. It’s not much but it’s still nursing. Plus he kicks my face, tries to twist around and it’s just not so fun. Nursing is complicated. It’s such a bonding experience and a source of comfort for them. Plus, the cuddle time is priceless.

97. If you have a climber like me, you’ll probably want to lose your mind about every 10 minutes. Nothing is safe. Everything is a jungle gym and you’ll go crazy trying to keep him off of things.

98. You’ll have moments of not so glorious parenting. Yes i have done some things I’m not proud of. Like tapping his leg when he’s trying to climb onto the stove. But…. he did stop after. 😳

99.  Daylight savings is the worst thing in the world if you have an early riser. The worst. Thing. Ever.

100. There’s no shame in putting your kid in front of the tv for a few minutes so you can pee. Or eat. Or breathe.

101. The house is a disaster. All the time.

102. It’s crazy how fast they pick up on things. They notice everything. Everything.

103. Being a stay at home mom (SAHM), you’ll wish you could go back to work….. numerous times a day.

104.  Throwing food is now one of my pet peeves that won’t go away.

105. Don’t wear or buy nice clothes. You’re going to get food, snot, spit, dirt, or whatever else on it.

106. “Wow your son is so inquisitive and curious!” Translation: Wow your son sure gets into everything he’s not supposed to!

107. Molars are the worst. Or canines.

108. It feels like overnight that he’s starting to imitate sounds, say words… or any word that comes out of your potty mouth. Ha 😂

109. You will waste SO much food. Not purposefully of course but the food your toddler doesn’t eat, gets thrown on the floor, fed to the dog or spit back out… it’s never-ending!

110. Having a kid that isn’t a good sleeper sucks. It just sucks. A lot. So those that have good sleepers – be thankful. Very. Very. Thankful.

111. They understand and absorb SO much more than you think!!

112. You can literally blink and all of a

sudden your toddler is mimicking you, talking and using sign language.

113. Diaper changes are still a battle.

114. You’d think we were torturing him by taking him to get a haircut. This kid HATES hair cuts.

115. Soak up all the cuddles you can get. Seriously. There is no better feeling in the world.

116. It’s so true that daddy’s get all the fun, giggles and playtime in the world. Yes, mommy’s do too. But for some reason daddy’s are the fun guys.

117. Tantrums make you want to lose your mind more than you can even fathom.

118. Along with the above, being consistent about how you react to a toddlers crazy behavior is SO hard.

119. Seriously can the food spitting and throwing stop sometime soon??

120. Toddlerhood is the definition of insanity. But you have to keep your cool and keep them from growing up to be a-holes.

121. I now know where grey hairs come from.

I guess this is it for now. Though I’m sure I’ll keep it going because there’s a constant learning curve especially with a strong willed, stubborn, super active toddler!!

Until next time 😃


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