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60 Things to Be Grateful For

Many times, we forget to stop and smell the roses.  We become SO caught up in the chaos of our lives that we forget to appreciate who we are, who we are surrounded by, mother nature, and purely life itself.   We take for granted our health, our body, mind and soul.  Being present and taking life’s lessons as they come is something that I most certainly forget to do.  It may sound a bit hippy-ish, but think about it.  Take a moment every day to… just breathe.  Take one single minute out of your day and think about anything or anyone you’re grateful for.  You can call this meditation, you can call this centering yourself, you can call this breathing exercises – call it what you want, but do it for you.  People can sense your peace and positivity.  

It’s not so bad… try it!

Ok enough hippy ranting. 

This is an article in an email I received this morning.  Click on the link above called ’60 Things to Be Grateful For’.  Check it out.