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Diabetes – in check.

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I go through every day with so many things running through my brain… my diabetes is always one of them.  Diabetes and weight, fitness, weight loss, insulin resistance, and the diet I choose.  It’s been tough.  I had a great few months where I was working out a ton, eating right and not giving in too much.  But let’s be honest, life gets so stressful (which increases insulin resistance, and also weight gain) and then we indulge.  I guess that’s what’s been happening.  Having Diabetes is so hard, especially when you are living with an individual that could eat muffins, ice cream, pasta, and candy every day and it not have any affect on him!  Totally. Not. Fair.   I look at a brownie, and think about how much I will need to work out to work that off!  Ha! 

Anyway, my most recent thing is really being smart about what I eat.  Literally every bite.  It is SO tempting to eat the little tiny piece of chocolate candy, but then I think, is it really worth it?  Okay, you may say yes, and this may be true to most people.  Yes it tastes delicious, scrumptious and wonderful but who am I kidding, it’s not worth the carbs, the jump in blood sugar and the way that it will make me feel later.  My end goal is to get myself into better shape, decrease insulin resistance and take as little medications as possible.  All of these little temptations can be so difficult to pass up, but I always think that I’ll be happy I made that decision afterwards.  

My recent frustration is not losing the weight I know I can.  I know that being on Metformin doesn’t help with weight loss either.  There are many things are coming into play… diet, portion-control, amount of exercise and staying on track with my diabetes.  I’ve been doing a lot of this lately, though I probably should be exercising more – just like how the dentist always says you need to floss more.  The amount of stress has been higher lately due to many factors such as work life, wedding planning and overall energy levels. It’s just kind of been that ‘thing’ that just won’t go away. To be continued… 


Author: Nourising Zen

Nourishing YOU! A blog about the adventures of being healthy, happy and living a fulfilling life! And cooking, eating and exercising Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis into remission!

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