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Adventures in Motherhood: Part 7 – Welcome to Toddlerhood

I think this is just going to be an ongoing list for the rest of my life… ha!

91. It’s truly incredible to watch your little one transform from a baby to his or her own little person. They learn so quickly, their sounds evolve and change, they understand so much more than you even know, and they become soooooo agile sooooooo fast – especially my guy!! 😬

92. Let’s talk about becoming more agile. I mean seriously. I have a climber thanks to my husband and we have rightfully nicknamed Gav, “monkey”. He’s climbing everything. He knows to use things as a step stool to get to higher places. And I’m constantly trying to figure out where the heck I’m going to keep putting things!!

93.  Boy energy is real. So real. Sometimes I wonder if I could bottle that energy up somehow…

94.  They become opinionated SO fast! Where did this come from?!

95.  Ugh. The wishing for my old body back. I wish for this on a multiple-times-a-day basis. The gym has terrible kids club hours, I eat the most random whatever-I-can-stuff-in-my-mouth foods. Which aren’t great. Why can’t my child like the stroller so I could at least go for a run?! Seriously why.

96.  I’m still nursing. I never thought I’d still be nursing now. But it’s so much more difficult than i thought. It’s not much but it’s still nursing. Plus he kicks my face, tries to twist around and it’s just not so fun. Nursing is complicated. It’s such a bonding experience and a source of comfort for them. Plus, the cuddle time is priceless.

97. If you have a climber like me, you’ll probably want to lose your mind about every 10 minutes. Nothing is safe. Everything is a jungle gym and you’ll go crazy trying to keep him off of things.

98. You’ll have moments of not so glorious parenting. Yes i have done some things I’m not proud of. Like tapping his leg when he’s trying to climb onto the stove. But…. he did stop after. 😳

99.  Daylight savings is the worst thing in the world if you have an early riser. The worst. Thing. Ever.

100. There’s no shame in putting your kid in front of the tv for a few minutes so you can pee. Or eat. Or breathe.

101. The house is a disaster. All the time.

102. It’s crazy how fast they pick up on things. They notice everything. Everything.

103. Being a stay at home mom (SAHM), you’ll wish you could go back to work….. numerous times a day.

104.  Throwing food is now one of my pet peeves that won’t go away.

105. Don’t wear or buy nice clothes. You’re going to get food, snot, spit, dirt, or whatever else on it.

106. “Wow your son is so inquisitive and curious!” Translation: Wow your son sure gets into everything he’s not supposed to!

107. Molars are the worst. Or canines.

108. It feels like overnight that he’s starting to imitate sounds, say words… or any word that comes out of your potty mouth. Ha 😂

109. You will waste SO much food. Not purposefully of course but the food your toddler doesn’t eat, gets thrown on the floor, fed to the dog or spit back out… it’s never-ending!

110. Having a kid that isn’t a good sleeper sucks. It just sucks. A lot. So those that have good sleepers – be thankful. Very. Very. Thankful.

111. They understand and absorb SO much more than you think!!

112. You can literally blink and all of a

sudden your toddler is mimicking you, talking and using sign language.

113. Diaper changes are still a battle.

114. You’d think we were torturing him by taking him to get a haircut. This kid HATES hair cuts.

115. Soak up all the cuddles you can get. Seriously. There is no better feeling in the world.

116. It’s so true that daddy’s get all the fun, giggles and playtime in the world. Yes, mommy’s do too. But for some reason daddy’s are the fun guys.

117. Tantrums make you want to lose your mind more than you can even fathom.

118. Along with the above, being consistent about how you react to a toddlers crazy behavior is SO hard.

119. Seriously can the food spitting and throwing stop sometime soon??

120. Toddlerhood is the definition of insanity. But you have to keep your cool and keep them from growing up to be a-holes.

121. I now know where grey hairs come from.

I guess this is it for now. Though I’m sure I’ll keep it going because there’s a constant learning curve especially with a strong willed, stubborn, super active toddler!!

Until next time 😃

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Save Some $$$ – Make Your Own Pouches for Your Baby/Toddler!

The food pouches you buy at the store can be  so expensive especially when you have a very hungry toddler like we do! These pouches can be anywhere from 1 to 3 dollars each! So, it really helps to be able to make our own! We often buy organic fruits or veggies that are frozen to help cut down on costs as well. We also have reusable (BPA Etc. free) pouches that you can put in the dishwasher to clean! 

For the pouches above I used two medium sized sweet potatoes, one large pear and one large apple. Steamed them, blended, then used the Infantino Squeeze Station to make the pouches! Easy!

And of course our little guy loved them!

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Adventures in Motherhood: Part 6

Wow. And I just keep going!

81.  You think sleep training is bad once… you’ll probably have to do it more than once if you go on vacation, baby gets sick or something else jogs the routine. Yeah. Not fun. 

82. Once the baby is mobile, he or she will have lots of bumps and bruises. They’re just unstable. And curious. Bad combo. 

83. Nothing is safe. Even baby proofed drawers etc. 

84.  Husbands will just never understand. Period. They can try. But they just never fully will. Why? They didn’t grow a human in their belly for close to 10 months. They didn’t push something way bigger than the opening that it came out of. They don’t have an automatic food source built into their bodies. They can’t help it. 

85.  Boys are thrashers. They bang everything against anything and throw everything they can get their hands on, on the floor. 

86.  As a mom, you will get beat up. Pinched, poked, hit, pushed, bruised, hair pulled, slapped and head butted. I look like I’ve been in a fight every day. 

87.  When your kid is sick and he’s absolutely miserable, which makes you exhausted, and people say… “it’s good for his immune system” you’re going to want to mentally slap them in the face a few times. Yes I know it’s good to build an immune system but you’re not the one dealing with a sick, uncomfortable, unhappy, fussy kid!!

88.  My son puts everything in his mouth. Everything. Paper, dirt, rocks, diapers, cardboard… everything. It’s normal I guess?

89.  When they start walking it’s good because they are more independent but bad because they’re constantly falling down and bumping their bodies against everything. Which means more bruises and injuries. I swear he gives me a heart attack every five minutes. 

90.  Tantrums start early. Brace yourself. 
Until next time! 

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Adventures in Motherhood: Part 5

Wow! Can’t believe I made it to part 5!! Well here I go… stuff I’ve realized, learned, was totally surprised by, or needed to reiterate!

62.  There’s a new kind of tired in town… it’s called parenthood. Get your coffee. It never… ever… goes away. 

63.  As a mom, you will hear every tiny sound your baby makes. Your husband, can and will sleep through e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Literally. 

64. It no longer matters what time you feel like having an adult beverage. Motherhood can drive you insane some days and sometimes taking the edge off is not a bad idea. 

65.  I’m pretty sure babies know when you’re about to lose your mind. Because then they finally do whatever you wanted RIGHT before… like nap for longer than 5 minutes or not wake up as much at night! 

66.  I could stare at my son sleeping forever.  And not in a creepy way of course. 😉

67.  Baby steps. For. Everything… progress, learning something new, a new skill, training/creating new habits, breaking old habits etc. 

68.  Two steps forward. One step back. Every time. You make total progress, then they regress a little and test the waters… and repeat.  I’m pretty sure that’s close to the definition of insanity. 

69.  There is no right answer. And it will drive you nuts. 

70.  Overthinking things will also drive you bananas. 

71.  Consistency is key. Being consistent is important but things will never, ever be consistent. What does this mean? Stick with your routines, use the same verbiage, support and reassurance. But things are ever-changing with babies. 

72.  You’re not alone. Even though you may feel so frustrated, lost, sad, exhausted, and defeated… you are not alone. 

73.  Baby giggles cure all. 

74.  A break without the baby is never a true break for moms. When you get a free moment you’re trying to play catch up – do laundry, dishes, clean, prepare for the next day, make dinner etc. Moms never seem to get breaks. 

75.  Do what feels right. You can read 1 million articles and they can tell you a different thing each time, but in the end, you just need to do what’s right for you. If you are doing what is supposed to be right according to 10 other people, but yet are feeling completely exhausted, defeated, and your gut tells you this isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing, then it isn’t what you’re supposed to be doing.  There’s no use and having a baby that was unhappy and a mommy that is in tears all the time. 

76.  The dynamic with your {single, married without kids, married but trying} friends will change. That and even those friendships with those that have kids but have different perspectives and parenting styles will change. It gets messy, folks. 

77.  When your child becomes mobile it is a blessing and a curse. It’s awesome they can occupy themselves more independently, tire themselves out, and move to what they want to move to. But, they get into everything. Everything. Nothing is safe anymore and you better get baby proofing if this is the case!

78.  Dads get the best behavior. Moms get the totally unguarded behavior. What do I mean by this? Babies let their guard down more with mommy. With daddy it’s often fun and play time because if the dad is working, they don’t spend as much time together.  Also… the fact that their food source is built into mommy definitely doesn’t help sometimes. 

79.  Having three dogs and a baby is a blessing and a curse. The dogs are protective and the baby gets used to being around animals… but the dogs can be overly protective and also bark at anything and everything. Oh and the amount of fur everywhere is insane. 

80.  Almost eight months later you’ll still be losing hair. I swear I’m going to be bald with how much I’m losing. 
I think this is a good place to stop for now. 😉Thanks for reading and to be continued…! 

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Adventures of Motherhood: Part 4

More fun stuff I’ve learned, realized etc. in motherhood. 😃

38.  Starting solid foods does not mean that your baby will sleep better at night.

39. Being female, and having a boy as your first, there are many things that raise questions. Such as, him exploring his parts!

40.  Even when their babies start sleeping through the night or sleeping longer stretches, you still will wake up! Is he breathing? Is the room too hot? Is the room too cold? You will still wake up. 

41. Nap training is FAR worse than bedtime sleep training. Especially if you have a baby that doesn’t want to miss out on anything! And has major FOMO!

42.  Transitioning to something new is absolutely awful. I’m sure it is relative but in my experience it is not so fun. It is always a difficult task abandoning something that works and guarantees you success…for something totally new and not seeing any results for days if not weeks! It’s rough. 

43.  You may be tempted to have a glass of wine or a beer at 11am some days. 

44.  Babies are smart. They understand more than you think. 

45.  Watching your baby learn how to mimic, talk, roll over is the most awesome thing ever. 

46.  Seeing your baby’s soft spot pulse is really creepy. 

47.  Once you start solids, the poop 💩 becomes quite colorful and fragrant. 

48.  Remind yourself to drink water and eat.  Better yet, set a timer on your phone. 

49. It’s kind of amazing how much gas babies have. 

50.  People will keep telling you “It’s going to get better/easier!”   But really, it just gets difficult in different ways than before. Not necessarily easier. You have different battles to fight at every stage. 

51.  You will make the weirdest noises and faces to get your baby to laugh. 

52.  Going out to eat with a baby that doesn’t like to sit still (stroller, high chair, carrier) is not fun. It’s kind of like a Chinese fire drill. One person eats while the other is walking around with the baby. Then switch. Not worth it. Lesson learned. 

53.  You’re going to constantly guess what’s going on with your baby… it’s difficult to tell what’s bothering them a lot of the time! Until he or she learns to talk. 

54. Borrow baby items before buying – swings, etc. it’s quite possible your baby will hate it and so will you after spending $100+ on it!!

55.  Baby snuggles are the best thing ever. They never get old. Snuggle as much as you can while you can!

56.  Everyone is losing their shit. You’re not alone. 

57.  A baby that’s teething while nursing can chomp down on you and it’s bloody awful. 

58.  Sleep train when you’re ready and when baby is ready. You’ll just know when to do it. We waited until he was 6mos and had his reflux under control and his stomach issues more settled. If we were to do it when he had those issues unresolved, we all would have been miserable. 

59.  Teething isn’t fun for anyone.  We all knew this. I just had to reiterate. 

60.  I have to say this again… things change CONSTANTLY! And everyone always says once you get something down, babies will switch it up on you! This is true… or just throw you constant curve balls. 

61. Looking back at Gavin’s photos… it’s INSANE how much they change in only ONE month. Their looks, personality, sounds, poops…. haha. 
I think I’ll leave it at that for now… until next time, thank you for reading! 😉