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Food for Thought…


Someone posted this and I just had to repost it! Think about it, do you love what you do? Are you someone that is passionate about your job or career? We spend so much of our waking lives at work. So make it something that you love.



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2 thoughts on “Food for Thought…

  1. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of getting a job they love. A lot of people can’t afford the education necessary to qualify for the job they really want, and a lot of people are stuck with mediocre or undesirable jobs because we still have an average of 3 job-seekers for every available jobs. In a lot of cases, practicality is more important that being inspired by your job–the rent and bills still have to get paid. If people are able to pursue the job they really want, that’s awesome, but let’s also be aware that’s a privilege a lot of people just don’t have. It’s rarely as simple as just doing what you love.


    • Hi Kyra! Of course – and I understand the difficulty in the concept of ‘doing what you love’! People have jobs to make a living, to make ends meet and to provide for family. However, your job/career is one of the most important parts of your life because, well, we spend a TON of time working. Jobs/Careers are necessities – unless you’re a lucky person who doesn’t need one to survive! (I wish – right?) 🙂

      I believe that when there’s a will, there’s a way. It is most certainly not an easy process. In fact, it can take months and even years to research, prepare, and make the moves you want to make in order to reach your goal. Honestly, people constantly underestimate themselves and especially if one has been at the same job for quite some time. Their skills and abilities are taken for granted.

      For every reason, there is a truth that you hold. Justifications are made – but don’t let those hold you back from making the change you want. Instead, use it as an indicator of a problem that needs to be solved! People constantly underestimate themselves and I believe that if you’re passionate, determined, creative, resourceful and skillful – you can make it happen! 🙂


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