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Noteworthy Restaurant: Lolinda in San Francisco

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 Sorry the photo is a little blurry – in all honesty I was trying to take the picture as fast as I could because I literally couldn’t wait to dig into this hunk of meat!  

Well folks, here we have the New York Steak, perfectly charred and juicy with a side of their Chimichurri sauce and bread.  I’m not joking, I practically ate the entire plate. It was so good! The chimichurri sauce was delicious with it – simple and tasty.  Unfortunately, I also failed to take photos of the sides. The sides are family style and rather small portions. We ordered the beef empanadas, corn empanadas, vegetable pie, potatoes, pork belly, and an artichoke. All were delicious! The winners for me were the empanadas and pork belly. 

Nothing you see here is outrageously unhealthy. I ate one piece of bread, stole the hubby’s tomato and enjoyed every bite. If you’ve ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse, this is said to be a much higher caliber of meat, and a higher overall quality meal. This is not a place that you’d go to when you don’t feel like cooking, but it is a place you MUST check out if you can. 
Additionally, they have two bars inside – one upstairs and one downstairs. The bartenders are awesome and will make you anything BUT your average gin and tonic. There is also a rooftop bar, and to enter, it is on the left side of the main entrance of Lolinda. 

2518 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110


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