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Sorry… I’ve been hibernating…

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Seriously… it has been a long time since I’ve written here.  And I am really sorry I haven’t!

See, something has come up over the past seven months.  I’m pregnant! Yes, it is true.

For all of those women that say pregnancy is a breeze, I couldn’t be happier for you!  I am also a bit jealous to be honest.  But….. don’t pretend like it was all cupcakes and strolls on the beach!  I mean, really.  For me, the first trimester was tough.  Really tough.  Let me explain my story…

I’m a foodie.  I suppose you all know this by now.  And I didn’t want to eat – a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.  And if I did?  I was forcing myself to choke food down.  Every bite, I would hold the food in my mouth, prepping myself to swallow.  You know how that feels – you’ve gotta psych yourself up to just swallow whatever glob of food is in your mouth!  This sounds bad, but it’s true.  On a daily basis, I could maybe eat 1/2 of a meal a day, with a few crackers here and there.  I had no energy and I was extremely exhausted every day – it was a battle to get through the afternoons specifically.  By the end of a day of work, I was absolutely, completely wiped out.  I couldn’t process more than sitting on the couch and watching television. Nevertheless, I was thankful to be able to be pregnant.  It is a true blessing to be able to bring life into this world!

In the first trimester, my diabetes was a bit crazy in the sense that I would experience a ton more LOWS.  This is due to the fact that my body was taking SO much of my food and energy to grow this little being, that it was causing many more lows.  I could jump up and down for 5 minutes and my blood sugar would drop 20 points!  It was crazy!  Not only that, but I could eat more freely without using as much insulin.

Second trimester definitely was better.  I was actually able to eat and go on walks!  What a difference!  It was a amazing.  I could eat full meals and not feel sick!  I was also hungry a lot more – I needed to eat every 2-3 hours or my stomach would actually grumble! Not only that but my blood sugars were a bit more stable.  Yes, I required a bit more insulin, but it wasn’t too drastic at the time.

Now being in my third trimester, things are getting a little crazy!  29 Weeks.  WHOA time flies!  It is still surreal…. I’m definitely popping out now and am feeling a tiny bit more uncomfortable.  Appetite isn’t quite as strong as some would think but it is about normal.  Little things like… trying to bend properly, or get out of bed has been a bit of adjustment as well!  Sometime I feel a limb near my ribs which makes it difficult to sit up right away, and therefore, I perform the ever-so graceful ‘roll’ out of bed.  Literally!  Sleeping on my back is no longer an option for more than 15 minutes – maybe?  Clothes are not fitting so well, as you can imagine!  Leggings and stretchy clothing = savior.

Anyway, I apologize to all of you for not cooking and posting as much as normal.  I haven’t been the best chef lately as my appetite seems to come and go.  However, I will be posting more soon!


Stay tuned and thank you for reading 🙂



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