Nourishing Zen

Nourishing YOU. Adventures to Healthy, Happy, and a Fulfilling Life! Food is our medicine.

Join Beautycounter’s Band of Beauty!

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Have you heard about the Band of Beauty membership??? 😍
For $29, you’ll get tons of great perks for an entire year such as…
-15% product credit
-FREE shipping on orders over $100
-AND a free gift when your cart reaches $50. And what is this amazing little gift??
-the gift right now is a FREE SOOTHING FACE OIL! This oil is awesome! It’s perfect for winter, easily absorbed, light feeling (not oily whatsoever) smells amazing, and a little goes long way… usually $68 on its own, but yours with a membership this week! 
Check out the BOB membership program here:


Author: Nourising Zen

Nourishing YOU! A blog about the adventures of being healthy, happy and living a fulfilling life! And cooking, eating and exercising Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis into remission!

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