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Sushi Splurge Alert!

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Ok… Today we splurged… A LOT! Six of us ventured to a spot called Paradise Sushi. We absolutely love sushi and as we all know, it’s not exactly cheap. However, there is an all-you-can-eat spot in Petaluma that is quite delicious and worth a trip if you love sushi as much as we do. I know there’s always a hesitancy when talking about all-you-can-can restaurants, especially sushi. I, in particular am a picky sushi eater. I’ve been spoiled by great seafood growing up and also by working in a few amazing Japanese restaurants growing up. Not only is Paradise Sushi delicious, but it’s fresh and made to order. What a steal! The price is roughly $17 per person for lunch and $24 for dinner. Not too shabby, right? The deal comes with soup and salad as well. We went to lunch with four of our friends and we most certainly ordered a plethora of sushi. By plethora I mean 30+ rolls for four hungry guys and two girls that love sushi and can eat a lot of it! We will most definitely be returning for our next sushi splurge to Paradise Sushi.


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