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Grub worthy Maui: Kihei Caffe

We checked out the Kihei Caffe while in Maui. It’s a busy spot – so get there early! Any later than 9:15am, expect to wait in line. This joint is cafeteria style – you wait in line to order, grab a table, then they serve your grub to you. My husband ordered the Mac Nut and Banana pancakes and I had to try out their loco moco. Let me start by saying these portions are HUGE! The loco moco was delicious for the fact that I got it with fried rice instead of white rice, and that the gravy was DEEEELISH! You could tell it was homemade gravy.   The pancakes were filling and amazing and of course we had to have it with the coconut syrup!
Check this place out if you get a chance!


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Protein-packed Lunch at Tenkyu Restaurant!

Hamachi, Sake and Maguro Sashimi at Tenkyu in San Rafael. This little spot is yummy with quick service and decent food! Definitely a place to go if you need a quick sushi/Japanese food fix!

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Noteworthy Restaurant: Marche Aux Fleurs in Ross

Marche Aux Fleurs is located in Ross, California. This was our first time visiting this fine establishment, and we were more than pleased!  Granted, Marche Aux Fleurs is not a place you want to dine at if you don’t feel like cooking on any given day of the week. It is not outrageously priced, but entrees will run around $17-$40 per person.  Ambiance is quaint, romantic, and outside seating is available as well! 

We ordered the following:

 Warm Olives

 Roasted Peppers 

Bacon Wrapped Dates. 

Truffle Gnocchi 


Sausage, Fennel and Kale Orecchiette 
All were delicious, however there were a couple winners of our selection.  The bacon wrapped dates were the perfect combination of sweet and salty. We couldn’t get enough! The gnocchi were like soft little truffle pillows – heaven, right?  We thought so too. The octopus (pictured above) was something out of the ordinary and I wanted to try something new. It was grilled to perfection, soft and tender, slightly salty with a bit of char from being grilled, placed into a tomato and shallot sauce.  If you like seafood, I would highly recommend this dish!

For dessert, we ordered the flourless chocolate cake. It was ooey gooey yummy in the tummy (for lack of a better term) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. This takes 20 minutes to prepare so make sure you order it ahead of time!  It truly is delightful! Lastly, we ordered ice cream. This ice cream was freshly made – the mint ice cream was certainly made from fresh mint, and not overly sweet. We liked the ice cream, but we loved the flourless cake. 

Overall, a positive experience with scrumptious food. Try it out if you’re ever in the area! 

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All You Can Eat Korean BBQ – YakiniQ BBQ

Japantown in San Francisco. All you can eat. Protein-heavy. Delicious. Good for big groups. If you’re a carnivore, you should go here. Make a reservation too – it’s packed!!! Street parking or parking garage on Post. Go!!


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Old Chicago Pizza – Petaluma

Do you love deep dish pizza? I do. Can you eat this all the time? Definitely not. We decided to treat ourselves last night. And boy did we ever!

This was a first time for me and it was ridiculously delicious! The crust was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Served and fully loaded with TONS of mozzarella cheese, plenty of toppings and served in a sizzling hot pizza pie (3+ inches deep) tin – it was truly a treat for us!

Check out our leftovers – three pieces of pizza weighing in at a whopping 2.2 pounds!! Of course, the take out container must weigh a bit of that also… But close enough! If you get a hankering for some scrumptious deep dish pizza pie, and you’re in the Sonoma County area, head to Old Chicago Pizza in downtown Petaluma.

Oh and you probably don’t want to know the nutritional facts but… (These are approximations)

Per slice:

550+ calories
65 carbohydrates

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A darn good spot for good food, good beers, and a good view!

Taps located in Petaluma. This is a good brewery with delicious food! Definitely not your average brewery with pub food. A wide variety of beers on tap with delicious, quality food. We had the salt & pepper wings which are awesome. I am a sucker for chicken wings, and salt and pepper. Winning!

We split the chuckwagon burger – bison, pork belly, hush puppy strings and mustard BBQ sauce (which I am now determined to learn how to make). Let me just say, Wow! Not too greasy, and you can taste every ingredient with every bite!

For drinks I had the spiced chai cider made by Schilling. That in itself is dessert! I’m always one to order a beer but wow this cider was too good. The kind that is not too sweet, bubbly, a little bit of a bite, and the hint of spice. Yum. I will be back for this!!

So if you’re in the north bay, coming back from wine country, or looking for a good spot to stop for lunch or dinner, check it out! You won’t go wrong.



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Best Restaurant in Carmel – Flying Fish Grill

We love this place. I can honestly say this restaurant is the most tasty, biggest bang for your buck, and cozy place in Carmel. I may be biased as it is the place I had my first job as well!

I can honestly say everything is delicious.

My favorites are:

1. Pan fried oysters with the most delicious sauce (I could drink it)
2. Tempura calamari.
3. Almond seabass
4. Tuna tartare
5. Seafood pasta
6. Tempura combo
7. Curried rice
8. Curry shrimp soup
9. Tempura banana sundae
10. Green tea sundae

Tuna tartare

Almond Seabass


Seafood pasta

Make your own green tea sundae mmm


Cheers to the weekend!

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Saturday Superb Graduation Day

What a wonderful day! My youngest sisters graduation and of course a delicious feast afterwards at Joshu-ya Brasserie in Berkeley! If there’s any one type of food my family loves… it’s sushi! Mmm…







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Sushi Splurge Alert!



Ok… Today we splurged… A LOT! Six of us ventured to a spot called Paradise Sushi. We absolutely love sushi and as we all know, it’s not exactly cheap. However, there is an all-you-can-eat spot in Petaluma that is quite delicious and worth a trip if you love sushi as much as we do. I know there’s always a hesitancy when talking about all-you-can-can restaurants, especially sushi. I, in particular am a picky sushi eater. I’ve been spoiled by great seafood growing up and also by working in a few amazing Japanese restaurants growing up. Not only is Paradise Sushi delicious, but it’s fresh and made to order. What a steal! The price is roughly $17 per person for lunch and $24 for dinner. Not too shabby, right? The deal comes with soup and salad as well. We went to lunch with four of our friends and we most certainly ordered a plethora of sushi. By plethora I mean 30+ rolls for four hungry guys and two girls that love sushi and can eat a lot of it! We will most definitely be returning for our next sushi splurge to Paradise Sushi.

Della Fattoria in Petaluma – awesome breakfast place!

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Breakfast of champs.  Tried a new place out today and absolutely loved it!!!  Corned beef hash with two poached eggs.  We (attempted) to share a pecan roll too! 




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