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Morning Run & Commitment

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Ok, I’m not a runner. Let’s be honest, I hate running. I am that person that thinks about how much I dislike running, while running. I’m sure I’m making it worse for myself but gosh darn it I am not a fan like I am of the Giants. (GOOO Gigantes!). Ok so I know it’s the fastest way to lose weight and so forth. But c’mon, if ya don’t love it, it’s a hard thing to force. So I’ve turned the tables in my motivation(s).

From the previous post, you know we have three adorable dogs. My personal goal is to run/walk them 3-4 times a week. I’m not going based off distance, but time. 40 minutes or more depending on schedule of sprinting, running, walking or a combo! The world is my oyster, right?

There are several motivations here ; 1. Exercise the dogs – especially the puppy who likes the feel of my nice shoes between her teeth when not entertained. 2. Getting outside. Nature is gorgeous and breathing the fresh air when you’re inside for work most of the day is a true gift. Sure I go in the gym and workout but there’s always something reviving about spending time outside that I love. 3. Get in better shape – for my diabetes and also for our wedding in September. 4. Feel better all day. There’s just something about getting a workout done in the morning.

So there you have it. I’m putting it out there and I officially have no excuses.

On our run this morning, stuff like this makes it more fun. Potty break?



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