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Flour Substitutions

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Good morning! Happy Monday!

Following the previous post of coconut oil cooking spray, I decided to post what we use to substitute white or wheat flour. For the most part, I really try and stick with recipes with the least amount of flour. When I do use flour, I mainly use coconut flour and almond flour. However, using all of one kind, there is a texture difference. If you’re a texture person, try and mix these in, in parts. Always, if combining different types of flours, combine gently and beware of texture.

The coconut flour has a slight coconut flake, grainy texture. It isn’t as smooth as white or wheat flour. Almond flour also has a very nutty flavor that can be overpowering depending on your recipe. Almond flour also does not rise as well either.

Here is what we currently have at home:



There are also a number of other flours I would like to use. I’m interested because they have a lower amount of carbohydrates, more protein, and more fiber than the average flour. These being:



(Also called Garfava flour – silly name, isn’t it?)

Use these in baking, thickening up sauces, and coating/baking your protein. Choose your flour substitute wisely based on your needs and tastes. For instance, I will commonly mix 1/3 equal parts of wheat, almond and coconut flour in my carrot spice bread.

Don’t forget, these flours are also great for treats for your pets! Check out this link for more information.

Diabetic Living: Flour Substitutions!


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