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Dry Shampoo

I have always washed my hair every day. I remember when Wen came out with the dry shampoo and I thought, that is so strange! Recently, many friends of mine have told me that they use dry shampoo. Being that my hair can be oily at times, I have always stayed away from dry shampoos. However, I have given it a try over the past weekend. I went to the local drugstore, and bought a couple types. I have no reference to what kinds are better than others so I went with brands that I know and trust. 

I was pleasantly surprised, but I am interested to know what kind of dry shampoo you all use. 

Any recommendations for this dry shampoo newbie?


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Petroleum Jelly Alternative


This product you can use for anything or anyone!

Reasons why I love Waxelene:

It’s universal.
Cruelty Free!
Made with natural ingredients.
And I love the ingredients it contains!
No clogging pores – unlike petroleum jelly!
Adult-friendly and baby-friendly.
The cost is $16.65 on Amazon Prime!



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The Best Moisturizer!

You wouldn’t believe that oil is actually good to apply to your face and body – but it truly is!  100% organic, cold-pressed all natural Argan oil!

I’ve used this stuff for awhile now and there are so many uses for it.  Apply directly to your body, hands, face or even mix in with lotions you love.  It helps with split ends, frizzy hair, and of course moisturizes!  Best of all, it doesn’t leave any oily residue or film.  Try it out. It beats those chemicals and unknown ingredients you can’t seem to pronounce! 🙂