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Adventures in Motherhood: Part 6

Wow. And I just keep going!

81.  You think sleep training is bad once… you’ll probably have to do it more than once if you go on vacation, baby gets sick or something else jogs the routine. Yeah. Not fun. 

82. Once the baby is mobile, he or she will have lots of bumps and bruises. They’re just unstable. And curious. Bad combo. 

83. Nothing is safe. Even baby proofed drawers etc. 

84.  Husbands will just never understand. Period. They can try. But they just never fully will. Why? They didn’t grow a human in their belly for close to 10 months. They didn’t push something way bigger than the opening that it came out of. They don’t have an automatic food source built into their bodies. They can’t help it. 

85.  Boys are thrashers. They bang everything against anything and throw everything they can get their hands on, on the floor. 

86.  As a mom, you will get beat up. Pinched, poked, hit, pushed, bruised, hair pulled, slapped and head butted. I look like I’ve been in a fight every day. 

87.  When your kid is sick and he’s absolutely miserable, which makes you exhausted, and people say… “it’s good for his immune system” you’re going to want to mentally slap them in the face a few times. Yes I know it’s good to build an immune system but you’re not the one dealing with a sick, uncomfortable, unhappy, fussy kid!!

88.  My son puts everything in his mouth. Everything. Paper, dirt, rocks, diapers, cardboard… everything. It’s normal I guess?

89.  When they start walking it’s good because they are more independent but bad because they’re constantly falling down and bumping their bodies against everything. Which means more bruises and injuries. I swear he gives me a heart attack every five minutes. 

90.  Tantrums start early. Brace yourself. 
Until next time! 



Calling ALL Teachers and Parents!!!! Should We Implement Universal Preschool?


Currently, I am studying education. I am curious to know what your thoughts are about this topic – especially parents and teachers!
In one of my classes we have been discussing the importance of schooling and various school systems across the world. For example, in Mexico, children attend preschool from 3 to 5 years of age. The third year of preschool at the age of five, is equivalent to our kindergarten. There, students are able to interact socially with others of the same age, and also build a solid foundation for grade school.

In conjunction, we have also been discussing the roles of parents and how this has changed dramatically over the past 50-100 years! Women’s roles have also shifted in being accepted into many powerful positions in their careers. Further, with our economy, The need for two incomes, or two working parents is more of a necessity now. Thus, the need for childcare or, better yet, the cost of childcare is a rising concern!

On the flip side, what would this mean for our taxes? Would it affect smaller day care institutions? Does that mean less flexibility in the type of pre-school a child can attend?

I am interested to know if you are or are not in favor of a universal preschool? I would also like to know your reasons and thoughts! Please and thank you. 🙂