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To my future sister-in-law, Emily, for creating a beautiful cake masterpiece that was on the front page of the Press Democrat!

Emily is 16 years old and an extremely talented chef! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Xoxo



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Homemade, Fermented Ketchup

Love this! I will have to include this in our BBQ sauce recipe 🙂

The Domestic Man

It’s funny, but up until recently I assumed there was already a ketchup recipe on my blog. I didn’t discover its absence until I developed Thursday’s recipe (hint: it rhymes with “beet oaf”), when I couldn’t find my recipe online. At first I was confused, and thought the search function of my blog was definitely broken. So…sorry about that, and here you go.

The history of ketchup is pretty awesome. It all started with garum, an ancient fish sauce first used by the Ancient Greeks and later the Romans. It reached Asia some 2,000 years ago via trade routes, and became a staple in many Asian countries, particularly Vietnam (where they later perfected the sauce using anchovies). Vietnamese fish sauce as we know it today entered China about 500 years ago, and the Chinese (particularly those in the Southeast providence of Fujian) spread it around the rest of Asia…

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Vegan Cheesecake – say whaaaat?



Easy Vegan Cheesecakes / Recipe

Yes please.

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True Portion Control – China

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Great tips! When I took a trip to China five years ago, the plate size was equivalent to our salad dishes. It really helped in eating smaller portions! Chopsticks always help in taking smaller bites as well. 🙂

Cucumber Cups

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Cucumber cups – fill with healthy chicken, egg, or tuna salad hummus, cottage cheese (low-fat), etc.

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Love this! I will be trying this.

Broccoli, Cheddar, Turkey Grab-n-Go Egg Muffins!

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Broccoli, Cheddar, & Turkey Grab-n-Go Egg Muffins!

Simplify this in any way. I will put in leftover chicken breast, spinach, a tiny pinch of cheese per muffin and a dash of pepper with egg whites only – most often. It’s great to throw in the microwave or even eat cold. If you like English muffins, toast them and throw the egg between!

Courtesy of The Wheatbelly Cookbook by William Davis

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