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All You Can Eat Korean BBQ – YakiniQ BBQ

Japantown in San Francisco. All you can eat. Protein-heavy. Delicious. Good for big groups. If you’re a carnivore, you should go here. Make a reservation too – it’s packed!!! Street parking or parking garage on Post. Go!!



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Sunday Funday Grill Day

We usually spend our Saturdays cleaning, running errands, and of course cooking , grilling and attempting to lounge. Yesterday we bought a ‘Flat Point Beef Brisket’ from #thistlemeats in Petaluma. The Flat Point Brisket cut is generally more lean than your average brisket. It has a hardly any marbling and a fat layer that goes through the cut. Today we are smoking the brisket with a whole chicken.


We went to Costco today and bought a no-salt rub. Sometimes you just want to take the easy route and buy an already prepared rub. This rub seemed legitimate as all the ingredients listed were herbs that we commonly use and there weren’t tons of preservatives as well. We added (3/4) teaspoon and (1/2) Tablespoon of brown sugar to (1/4) cup of the rub. We applied it to both the brisket and whole chicken.



We also added fresh oregano thyme and rosemary to the mix as well. We not only inserted the herbs inside the chicken, but also underneath the skin by cutting tiny slits.

We turned our #traeger to 185 degrees with hickory wood pellets at 1pm. We imagine it will be done by 6-7pm. I cheated and took a sneak peak to take a photo for ya. The chicken is a nice golden brown right now – just wait until the final product! Dark, crispy skin with a great smoke ring/color in the meat. Stay tuned 🙂


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Tom’s FAMOUS BBQ RIBS! (Recipe REVEALED for the first time!)

Tom has been perfecting this rib recipe for quite some time.  I must say, that every time, it’s so delicious.  We often switch up the type of herbs, beer and dry rub.  It is all relative and it is completely up to you and your taste for seasoning.  I promise you, this recipe NEVER fails!  Let us know what you’ve changed in the recipe – what worked and what didn’t – we would love to know!  


Apply dry rub of choice to slab of ribs. 

1. Preheat BBQ on high. 
2. Turn one side of grill to medium-high, turn other side off. 
3. Place ribs on side of grill that is off for 40 minutes. 

4. Meanwhile, chop 1/2 to a whole medium onion depending on your taste. 

5. On a large piece of foil, place half of the onions and fresh herbs on the bottom.  

6. Place ribs that have been on in-direct heat for the 40 minutes in the foil with the onions and herbs. Add 3/4 can of beer, then put the other half of onions and herbs on top of ribs. 


7. Close the foil folding it over itself to make a good seal. Now place the foil wrapped ribs back on the indirect heat side of the BBQ. Let it cook in the foil wrap for 1 hour.


8. Get out your favorite BBQ sauce or your homemade sauce of your choice and get ready. After your hour cooking in the foil wrap take out and set back on the in-direct side. Take your BBQ sauce and smoother the ribs. You can never have enough sauce. Let this cook for 20 more minutes applying sauce every 5 minutes creating a nice glazed layer. 



9. Remove from grill and let rest for 10 minutes before you cut and serve.

10. ENJOY!!!

Traeger Roasted Chicken – NO salt added!

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#Traeger Roasted Chicken

For dry rub (no salt!)

2T Onion powder
2T Garlic powder
1T Chili powder
1/4T Coriander
1T Paprika
1/2T Oregano
1/2T Basil

1. Preheat grill to 400F (high)
2. Apply dry rub to chicken – make sure to spread over all surface area.
3. Slice 1/2 of a sweet yellow onion (for one chicken)
4. Place sliced onion inside cavity of chicken.
5. Add any fresh herbs of choice – chop and place in cavity. (We used rosemary, cilantro, thyme & oregano)
6. Place chicken inside grill – one hour!
7. Check chicken after one hour. NO peaking until then!
8. Internal temperature should be 165F. Check with meat thermometer. Weather conditions may alter cooking time.
9. Cut and feast!

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Traeger Ribs

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Smoking some delicious ribs tonight! We actually buy the preseasoned ribs at Costco and then add my homemade BBQ sauce towards the end!

We may try something different tonight… Smoking them for an hour or two and then grilling with non-direct heat.

Recipe to follow!